Interview with CPO board member, Osamagbe Osagie

On July 27, Hannah Zack had the opportunity to interview CPO board member, Osamagbe Osagie.

Hannah: How did you first get involved with CPO?

Osa: I joined CPO in 2019 as a volunteer. I facilitate(d) a weekly book discussion group on Wednesdays at MCI-Concord.

Hannah: What is the most memorable moment or accomplishment of your volunteer experience?

Osa: This is such a challenging question because there are so many memorable moments that I have shared with the guys and my co-facilitator. But if I had to pick one, I would say that the guys consistently mentioned that our space was the one place behind the wall where their humanity was affirmed. Those comments continue to energize me and give me hope, even when things look challenging and bleak.

Hannah: What would you tell a prospective volunteer about being a CPO volunteer?

Osa: Volunteering gives you a more meaningful perspective on the importance of community, healing, and service. I count myself super lucky to have been selected to be a part of this incredible organization, and I believe that other volunteers will experience similarly.

Hannah: Has volunteering impacted your life?

Osa: I have found that the men that I have been working with have impacted me more than I could have ever impacted them as a volunteer. The connections and opportunities that this experience has brought are truly life-changing. It’s been such an honor partnering with CPO and the DOC and I look forward volunteering more in the future.

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